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20 New Words With Meaning In Hindi

20 new words with meaning in Hindi

In this post, you will Learn 20 New Words With Meaning In Hindi. These English Vocabulary words are important for TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC and other Exams.

20 New Words With Meaning In Hindi

1) Predicament (noun)
Hindi Meaning: कठिन परिस्थिति
English Meaning: difficult situation
Synonyms: trouble, pickle, difficulty, issue, plight
Antonyms: boon, advantage, benefit, easy, opportunity
Example Sentence: We believe this predicament will pass soon.

2) Surge (verb)
Hindi Meaning: वृद्धि होना
English Meaning: Rise or increase something
Synonyms: grow, increase, spurt, rise, escalate
Antonyms: decrease, decline, ebb, fall, slump
Example Sentence: The shares surged to an all-time high.

3) Transit (noun)
Hindi Meaning: पारवहन, संक्रमण
English Meaning: Movement
Synonyms: transport, passage, carriage, transfer, transportation
Antonyms: hold, hindrance, barrier, obstruction, stagnation
Example Sentence: Rail transit is cheaper than the road.

4) Refrain (verb)
Hindi Meaning: बचना
English Meaning: stop someone from doing something.
Synonyms: desist, forgo, stop, abstain, forbear
Antonyms: indulge, assay, interact, persist, venture
Example Sentence: She refrained from commenting about the college.

5) Brunt (noun)
Hindi Meaning: आघात
English Meaning: the primary force, shock, or tension
Synonyms: force, shock, burden, impact, shock
Antonyms: resistance, endurance, unpack, entice
Example Sentence: Small companies are feeling the full brunt of the recession.

6) Stultify (verb)
Hindi Meaning: उबा देना, मूर्ख बनाना
English Meaning: to appear stupid
Synonyms: bore, cripple, dull, suffocate, ridicule
Antonyms: deepen, interest, entertain, excite, fascinate
Example Sentence: The new episodes could stultify the whole TV series.

7) Hoard (verb)
Hindi Meaning: संचय करना
English Meaning: store something
Synonyms: cache, stock, collect, stockpile, reserve
Antonyms: squander, lavish, spend, lose
Example Sentence: Government will take action against those who hoarded the daily use products.

8) Apathy (noun)
Hindi Meaning: उदासीनता
English Meaning: lack of interest
Synonyms: unconcern, dullness, passivity, lethargy, boredom,
Antonyms: enthusiasm, alacrity, passion, interest, curiosity
Example Sentence: The apathy between them is clearly visible.

9) Extraneous (adjective)
Hindi Meaning: अप्रासंगिक
English Meaning: not directly connected
Synonyms: irrelevant, unrelated, impertinent, extrinsic, inapplicable
Antonyms: material, relatable, relevant, related, important
Example Sentence: Our relation is extraneous for you.

10) Unconstitutional (adjective)
Hindi Meaning: असंवैधानिक
English Meaning: something illegitimate
Synonyms: illegal, unauthorized, illicit, unlawful, forbidden
Antonyms: legal, judicial, lawful, constitutional, legal
Example Sentence: We will protest against this unconstitutional action.

11) Vernacular (noun)
Hindi Meaning: मातृभाषा
English Meaning: native language
Synonyms: jargon, dialect, slang, lingo, argot
Antonyms: Latin, formal, standard, genteel
Example Sentence: We should use vernacular with our friends.

12) Disheartening (adjective)
Hindi Meaning: निराशाजनक
English Meaning: very sad
Synonyms: bleak, sad, gloomy, dispiriting, daunting
Antonyms: encouraging, cheering, delicious, awesome, heartening
Example Sentence: It is disheartening to see his illegal act.

13) Knave (noun)
Hindi Meaning: दुष्ट
English Meaning: fraud
Synonyms: miscreant, rogue, varlet, rascal, scamp
Antonyms: hero, angel, savior, star, icon
Example Sentence: He was a notorious knave of our college.

14) Culmination (noun)
Hindi Meaning: परिणति, पराकाष्ठा
English Meaning: climax
Synonyms: peak, pinnacle, zenith, apex, climex
Antonyms: nadir, bottom, minimum, base
Example Sentence: The discovery culminated many years of research.

15) Peer (noun & verb)
Hindi Meaning: झांकना, सहकर्मी
English Meaning: look something carefully
Synonyms: fellow, co-worker, counterpart, compeer, colleague
Antonyms: commoner, stranger, junior, superior, glance
Example Sentence: I was peering to read the board in the class.

16) Codify (verb)
Hindi Meaning: संहिताबद्ध करना
English Meaning: to arrange something
Synonyms: systematize, arrange, sort, customize, order
Antonyms: expunge, abrogate, disorder, chaos, mess
Example Sentence: The interns will codify the financial receipts in chronological order.

17) Accommodative (adjective)
Hindi Meaning: उदार, अनुग्राही
English Meaning: adaptive
Synonyms: adaptative, helpful, cooperative, adaptive, flexible
Antonyms: maladaptive, inflexible, firm, stubborn, rigid
Example Sentence: The new policies fail to accommodate people with disabilities.

18) Recumbent (adjective)
Hindi Meaning: लेटा हुआ, समतल
English Meaning: lying down
Synonyms: supine, lying, accumbent, horizontal, accumbent
Antonyms: vertical, erect, upright, standing, straight
Example Sentence: The teacher found him seated in a recumbent position in the class.

19) Incumbent (adjective)
Hindi Meaning: पदधारी
English Meaning: officially having the named position
Synonyms: current, existing, necessary, compulsory, required
Antonyms: future, irrelevant, unnecessary, unimportant
Example Sentence: The incumbent Director was vanquished.

20) Ameliorate (verb)
Hindi Meaning: सुधार होना
English Meaning: improve something
Synonyms: enhance, better, amend, better, improve
Antonyms: worsen, decline, deteriorate, decay, fade
Example Sentence: The amendment did much to ameliorate living standards.

You are learning 20 New Words With Meaning In Hindi. I hope you have learned some new English words from this post.

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