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20 Word Meaning English to Hindi

20 Word Meaning English to Hindi

In this post, we are sharing 20 Word Meaning English to Hindi with synonyms, antonyms, English meaning, and Hindi meaning.

20 Word Meaning English to Hindi

1) Filth (noun)
Hindi Meaning: गंदगी, घटिया
English Meaning: something dirty
Synonyms: obscenity, grime, muck, grime, grunge
Antonyms: hygiene, purity, cleanliness, honesty, integrity

2) Inconvenient (adjective)
Hindi Meaning: असुविधाजनक
English Meaning: causing difficulties
Synonyms: awkward, annoying, difficult, unsuitable, inexpedient,
Antonyms: convenient, desirable, beneficial, lucky, felicitous

3) Suppress (verb)
Hindi Meaning: दबाना
English Meaning: put a stop to it forcibly
Synonyms: defeat, stifle, subdue, inhibit, conquer
Antonyms: incite, help, support, promote, encourage

4) Directive (noun)
Hindi Meaning: निदेश
English Meaning: an official instruction
Synonyms: direction, order, dictate, command, injunction,
Antonyms: appeal, request, petition

5) Unanimous (adjective)
Hindi Meaning: एकमत
English Meaning: in agreement
Synonyms: accordant, concordant, undivided, united, harmonious
Antonyms: diversified, divided, split, conflicting, opposing

6) Moot (verb)
Hindi Meaning: बहस करना
English Meaning: a bone of debate
Synonyms: arguable, broach, disputable, debate, unresolved
Antonyms: stifle, definite, certain, irrefutable, agree

7) Vandalize (verb)
Hindi Meaning: उपद्रव मचाना
English Meaning: damage something
Synonyms: sabotage, demolish, wreck, ruin, disfigure
Antonyms: recover, protect, rectify, restore, build

8) Reliance (noun)
Hindi Meaning: भरोसा
English Meaning: trust in something
Synonyms: trust, dependency, credit, belief, confidence
Antonyms: disbelief, doubt, distrust, rejection, fear

9) Potential (adjective)
Hindi Meaning: क्षमता
English Meaning: having the capacity
Synonyms: able, capacity, likely, prospective, latent, ability,
Antonyms: improbable, existent, unlikely, impossible

10) Dismiss (verb)
Hindi Meaning: विदा करना
English Meaning: let go
Synonyms: reject, fire, expel, release, free,
Antonyms: keep, admit, form, hire, appoint,

11) Commend (verb)
Hindi Meaning: सराहना करना
English Meaning: praise someone formally
Synonyms: compliment, applaud, eulogize, entrust, congratulate
Antonyms: criticize, blame, rebuke, denounce, admonish

12) Devastate (verb)
Hindi Meaning: तबाह करना
English Meaning: break something
Synonyms: wreck, destroy, demolish, shock, stun
Antonyms: enrich, build, repair, prepare

13) Constraint (noun)
Hindi Meaning: बाध्यता
English Meaning: a restraint act
Synonyms: uneasiness, control, curb, coercion, embarrassment
Antonyms: freedom, liberty, permission, atrocity, openness

14) Deliberation (noun)
Hindi Meaning: सोच-विचार, सावधानी
English Meaning: careful consideration
Synonyms: attention, meditation, consideration, caution, slowness
Antonyms: aloofness, haste, alacrity, disinterest, equanimity

15) Distraction (noun)
Hindi Meaning: व्याकुलता
English Meaning: an object that directs one’s attention
Synonyms: amusement, disturbance, hysteria, abstraction, madness
Antonyms: calm, attention, concentration, peace, focus

16) Severe (adjective)
Hindi Meaning: गंभीर
English Meaning: something serious
Synonyms: serious, grave, tough, harsh, hard
Antonyms: minor, soft, easy, mild

17) Collaborate (verb)
Hindi Meaning: सहयोग करना
English Meaning: to cooperate
Synonyms: conspire, cooperate, ally, combine, conspire
Antonyms: resist, annul, disagree, break, undo

18) Retract (verb)
Hindi Meaning: त्यागना, वापस लेना
English Meaning: drawback
Synonyms: revoke, repeal, annul, nullify, withdraw
Antonyms: affirm, extend, assert, approve, empower

19) Apace (adverb)
Hindi Meaning: झटपट
English Meaning: Quickly
Synonyms: rapidly, fast, swiftly, hastily, quickly
Antonyms: tardily, sluggish, belatedly, afterward, slowly

20) Revival (noun)
Hindi Meaning: पुनस्र्त्थान
English Meaning: the Improvement of something
Synonyms: recover, rebirth, rebuild, rallying, betterment
Antonyms: downturn, annulment, carcass, impair, destruction

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